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You may already be on twitter, lots of people are. But not as many people are using twitter to help with their learning. There's more to twitter than chatting with your mates and following celebs! If you don't know what twitter is, it might be an idea to watch this first:

In this series of tasks you're going to set up a school twitter account, follow accounts which might be relevant to your learning and send tweets which might actually help your learning. 

Remember to record your everything you do in your ePortfolio!
  1. Go to and enter the details under 'New to Twitter?'
  2. Make sure you use your "" email address
  3. When choosing your username, start it with the letters "PL"
  4. Click 'Create my account'
  5. Follow the instructions, clicking 'Next' when prompted
  6. Once you've created your account go to  and click 'Follow'. Do the same for
  7. Have a look at others following @PrestonLodgeHS - you might like to follow some of these too
  8. Do you study Biology or Geography? If so, why not follow these accounts too? @PLBio @PLHumanities
  9. Have a look at this tweet. Check out some of the other conversations on @RossHighMaths. Would these sorts of conversations be useful to you? If so, why not search out accounts which you could use...
  10. Go to!/search/ and search for the subjects you're studying. Consider adding the word "teacher" to help you to find someone who might be willing and able to help! 
  11. Send a tweet to @PLWebLearn sharing one way twitter could help you learn and include the hashtag '#plweblearn' in your tweet. Record a link to your tweet with a reflection on how you've found this task in your ePortfolio under 'twitter'.
For more on why you should be using twitter in this way have a look at the following links: